Friday, September 12, 2008


Pohaku Ku'i Poi
Project Members
Brandon Carreira, Jordan Machado


Upload a document that clearly outlines your project parts.
The following is a list of project part options. Check the option and then upload your document (You may scan any document and upload it as an image).
  • Outline


Write at least one paragraph covering what you know about your topic. Write at least one paragraph about what you plan on researching/investigating. Include a thesis, hypothesis, or driving question in these paragraphs.
I know a little about poi pounders I know that back in the day Hawaiians did not have chisels and hammers to make the rock that will become the poi pounder. I also know that you halve to have a certain kind of rock that can be carved into a Poi Pounder. I know some about rocks from volcanoes from science class.

I plan on asking Uncle Cal and some Kumu on how can I make a Poi pounder. I would like to make my Poi Pounder by hand but I would like to use tools to make the project complete in my guideline goals I am shooting for.
List at least three questions you will be able to answer at the end of the project.
  1. How much effort and skills does it take to make a Poi Pounder and board?
  2. How do you make a poi pounder?
  3. Does the traditional design help out with the pounding and why?
  4. What is todays poi made with?
List a minimum of three different types of resources you will use. Make sure you include specific websites, books, and people. Also, make sure you have at least one primary source.
  1. Uncle Cal
  2. You Tube
  4. Arts and Crafts of Hawaii
Select the Content Standards you hope to address in this project.
List the tasks you need to complete, the time they should take, and the dates you plan on finishing them by.

Task Estimated Time Estimated Date
1. Hard Copies/project foundry/outline
5 hours
Aug. 28
2. research
5 hours
Sep. 02
3. preperation
1 hour
Sep. 03
4. creation
20 hours
Sep. 21
5. poster board
6 hours
Aug. 31
Either upload a separate calendar or use the interactive calendar to plan out your time. Make sure that the time planned in the calendar supports the time for each task.
Estimated hours of work
40 hours
Estimated start/end dates
Aug. 27 - Sep. 19, 2008
Number of Proposed Project Credits


Write at least one paragraph explaining how your project incorporates Hawaiian culture and/or malama `aina. Write at least one paragraph explaining how you project will benefit you, your community, and/or the world.
My project is all about the Hawaiian culture because its based from Hawaiian culture. The Poi pounder is the icon for food sustainability to me, because the Poi pounder has been around for a really long time. Hawaiians put art and time into making these. It took extra effort and art because they did not have the tools that we have today.
Todays Poi is made in mills so hand pounding is the traditional way of making Poi. My project will benefit the community because if I have a lot of Kalo that I am growing then I can sell cheap Poi to my neighbors. It will also give me another skill that could come in handy.
Pre-evaluation members (List parent, student and teachers)
  1. Kumu Malia
  2. Aunty Babette
  3. Aunty Teri
  4. Aunty Cristy

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